HVAC Repair

With the heating and cooling demands of North Carolina’s climate, your HVAC system does not get much of a break. It’s not uncommon to have all four seasons in one week, so your HVAC system is constantly running.

Even the best HVAC system will break down at some point in its lifetime. When this time comes, Bowen HVAC Service, Inc. is the company to call to get your system back up and running properly.

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New HVAC Installation

When your HVAC system has reached the end of its life, it fails or is frequently breaking down, it may be time to look into replacement options. It may be tempting to go the cheaper route and simply get the system back up and running, but this may not be the most cost-effective option in the long run.

Bowen HVAC Service, Inc. can evaluate the condition of your current system and provide options for repair and replacement, empowering you to make the best decision for your current situation.

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HVAC Maintenance

Your heating and cooling system is an investment. Routine maintenance prevents minor issues from becoming major costly repairs. Like your vehicle, your HVAC system needs regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance and peak efficiency.

Routine maintenance maximizes equipment life, minimizes breakdowns, reduces utility costs, and improves overall system performance.

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Enhance Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality can be 4-5 times more polluted than the air outdoors. Due to modern construction methods, homes are better sealed which provides better energy efficiency, but at the same time traps dust, dander, pollen, bacteria, and mold and prevents these pollutants from escaping the home. These contaminants lead to increases in allergies and illnesses.

Bowen HVAC Service, Inc. offers products to combat these airborne contaminants and provide cleaner, healthier air inside your home.

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“Hadley is as punctual as he is professional! Not only did the years of his familial learned craftsmanship aid the repairs of my aging HVAC unit, his wisdom, problem solving skills, and thoughtful courtesy saved me time and money! Hadley explained the needed repairs in common speak. I’ve found my new HVAC repairman, and am gladly leaving the big-box-type business behind.”

– Jill Thomas Jackl

“Mr Bowen did a great job removing old system & installing a new complete heating & air conditioning system. He communicated prior to & during the work, was punctual, knowledgeable, competent & very particular about his work. He has all the equipment needed to get the job done. I would highly recommend Bowen HVAC.”

– Marion Haywood

“Hadley is fantastic! Knowledgeable, responsive and reasonably priced. He takes the time to explain what’s going on and gives you options based on your parameters (eg, time, money, or preference). I highly recommend him for all your hvac needs!”

– Heather Honeycutt

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